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Canterbury Cathedral

Today the focus is Canterbury Cathedral, England’s oldest cathedral. Hopefully, you read the June 20th blog post explaining how in 597 Pope Gregory sent then Prior Augustine, accompanied by several monks, to the Kingdom of Kent to reestablish Christianity in Britain.

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St Martin’s Church

Today and tomorrow I am in Canterbury, an extremely important city to England’s Christian history. I’ll talk more about Canterbury Cathedral tomorrow, but today the focus is on St Martin’s Church.

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Winchester Cathedral

I took the train from London to Winchester to see its cathedral, which never fails to impress. It was nice to be back in familiar territory. The French churches are new friends, whereas Winchester cathedral is an old friend.

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We visited only two churches today and both were stunners. That said, my clear favorite was the Abbey of Saint Germain. When people ask me to name my favorite cathedral or church, it is a bit like asking someone to name their favorite child. One loves them all and they are all different.

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Saulieu, Avallon, and Vezelay

Today we visited the Basilica of St Andoche in Saulieu, the Church of St Lazarus in Avallon, and the Basilica of St Mary Magdalene in Vezelay. They are all known for their Burgundian Romanesque style and whether the elevation is two story or three story, the architecture is splendid.

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